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Photography 101
2-Part Online Workshop

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Have you ever wanted to take better photographs? Advancing your photography skills requires an understanding of the fundamentals of photography. Our new Photography 101 online learning program is designed to teach you the basic skills you will need to improve as a photographer. This class is comprised of two virtual 45-minute lectures. During the first lecture, you will be introduced to the basics of photography. Here you will learn essential functions that will help you take control of your camera and your photography. After this class you will given online assignments and exercises for you to study on your own time at your own pace. The second lecture will be held two weeks after your first class. During this class you will review your online assignments and learn additional techniques. Our Photography 101 will help you take your photography to the next level.

Workshop Fee: $149

Here is an example of what you will learn from this class:
• JPEG vs RAW Focus techniques.
• Aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
• Camera controls and exposure modes.
• Exposing Your Camera in Manual
• Metering Modes
• White balance
• Creative picture styles and controls
• Basic composition skills.…and more!

A Note From the Instructor:
"One of the great attractions of photography is the ease with which basic skills can be learned. Unlike some arts that take years of training, anyone can quickly learn how to take a picture; however, photographic techniques must be mastered before you can become an accomplished photographer. The photographic techniques you will learn in my classes and workshops are essential to producing quality photographs. You can apply these fundamentals each time you create a photograph."

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Photography 101

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